Moving Tips

There are a couple of things you can do to make your move go much more smoothly.

  • Please make sure all dressers and pieces of furniture are completely empty.
  • Please check with building management at your new place if there are any clearance issues. There is nothing worse than having to leave a couch or box spring on the curb because there is a narrow stairwell or turn-about that prevents entry.
  • If you have any especially fragile or valuable items set them aside and tell your foreman at the beginning of the move.
  • Grab a box of heavy-duty contractor bags for those loose items that pile up last minute.
  • Believe it or not, those wine boxes are not ideal for packing anything in. 😉
  • If you’d like to go the recyclable bin route we have a business account with JuggleBox and can get you 10% off on a load of recyclable bins. They drop them off at your door and pick back up in two weeks. They also carry wardrobe boxes and other supplies. Let us know 🙂

That about does it. Now get to packing, and we’ll see you on moving day!!

“Solidarity Movers helped me through a truly rough spot! At 30 weeks pregnant, I am not able to do the kind of heavy lifting required by a move, so when Rio and Charlie showed up, I was so relieved… I felt taken care of and they did their best to keep my move related anxiety to a minimum. Bravo!”

– Cate H.

“Solidarity Movers is amazing!! Super professional, punctual, friendly, affordable, and deeply committed to redistributing resources and helping community out. So awesome that this company exists. Would not use another mover again!! Zak is the best.”

– Jennifer M.

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