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Best reviews? Check. Coolest trucks? You betcha. We also support arts & community organizations working every day to build a better New York. Make the right move today...Choose Solidarity!
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Included in your Quote:

Every move includes an appropriate sized vehicle (covered in art!), a friendly & punctual crew, professional equipment to expedite the safe transport of your goods, as well as a FREE mattress bag and 2 wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes.

Highest customer satisfaction rate in NYC

We don't mean to brag.. (ahem) and we aren't perfect, but we do take great pride to ensure every one of our customers has the best possible experience during their move. It's a stressful moment in your life and we take that to heart. Organization beats chaos every day! (well, most days..) 12,000+ happy moves and counting!
“Amazing guys, great communication, excellent service, at an awesome price. Won't use anyone else to move ever again.”
– Dan S.
“15/10 Experience with Solidarity Movers!!! The day of the move was seamless!”
– Daniel G.
“Stop! Don't search for another moving company. THIS IS THE MOVING COMPANY FOR YOU!”
– Suzie R.
“Solidarity Movers is fantastic. They work with you to make sure you're supported in your move and are treated fairly, while only asking that you do the same!”
– Saurav S.
“I've used Solidarity Movers twice now and can't recommend them enough. Extremely professional, friendly, and have excellent customer service.”
– Sarah R.
"These folks were really incredible. We had a pretty big move, 1400 sq ft with lots of books and music etc etc, and they were very organized, clean, efficient, and nice to us. Very glad we chose Solidarity Movers."
– Linda A.
“There are a lot of moving companies out there; I'm glad I found this one. I won't have to look again whenever my next move is.”
– Ramzi L.

Frequently Asked Questions :)

Moving is crazy. It's a period of great tumult! Woosah. We got you. Check out our FAQ below and if your answer isn't here feel free to shoot us a text or give a ring!
Are you available on this date?
Most likely, yes! If you're booking a move with at least 48 hrs notice we almost certainly have availability. At the end of the month, however, (between the 25th and 3rd of any given month) it is best to schedule your move at least 1 week in advance to ensure availability.
What's the difference between an Hourly and Flat Rate Quote? 
An Hourly Quote is based on the time the crew spends on site. If our crew knocks cheerfully on your door at 9am and we have you fully moved in by 2pm, for example, that would be a 5 hour move. We will also factor in travel time, tolls and special handling (for items like upright piano's, marble slabs, etc.) and will fold those into the base rate if required. So if you're going from Brooklyn to the Bronx, let's say, we would include 1 hr of travel time for our crew to get back to the lot in Williamsburg. Hourly quotes are recommended for smaller, local moves: Studios, 1 Bedrooms, Office or Art moves. For larger moves we recommend completing a full inventory either on our form linked above or by phone consultation so we can gather all relevant details for a binding, flat rate quote.

A Flat Rate Quote is based on the detailed description of your move, including your move date, locations and detailed inventory. The amount of time spent on site is not a factor. We can provide a Flat Rate Quote two ways - either by you filling out our form above or by giving us a text/call to set up a phone consultation so we can gather all relevant details about your move. Once we have this we will email over a guaranteed, flat rate price. If the inventory list or details change, either before or during the move, we can adjust in line with our policy - found on our policy page linked in the drop down menu above. TLDR: this is the best option for everyone - it provides a low stress environment where nobody is watching the clock, worried about traffic or building delays, and it actually organizes our customers (you!) to take control of their moving situation! Everything is fairly and transparently priced to ensure you get the most competitive rate and our crew is appropriately compensated for their work. Win, Win! :)
How should I be prepared when my movers arrive?
Okay! You have a quote, you've read through our reasonable and transparent policy page and you're ready for your move! Generally, the more you've prepared in advance the smoother your moving day will go. When we arrive, our crew leader will do a walk through to go over your items and then we're off to the races! Now just sit back and enjoy the show. :) We may have questions during the process though so plan to be within earshot or readily available by phone.

Before we arrive - please make sure all furniture items are emptied - dressers, bookshelves, etc - and all smaller items are packed in boxes in advance. If we are handling partial or full service packing, of course, we will bring the required boxes and pack on site.

Be sure not to pack heavy items or books in large boxes or suitcases - best to use book boxes, which can be ordered online in advance on Amazon or at cheapmovingboxes.com, for example.

Please stack all pre-packed boxes in the center of each room, or near the entrance of your apartment, so our movers can access and load them into the truck right away. After that space is cleared we'll prep your furniture items with professional grade moving pads, tape and shrink wrap as needed, and then load those items to secure the truck.

As we're finishing up at the pickup our crew lead will approach to complete some standard paperwork and then we'll be on the way to your new place!

At the drop off, we'll do a walk through and ask how you'd like all items to be staged. Please tell your crew lead if certain items belong in certain rooms, etc. Once we're all unloaded we'll complete the paperwork, take payment, and be on our way! Gaze at your like new items transported through space and time like magic. Now take a break! Kick your feet back up and get settled in to your new home. You can always start the unpack another day.. ;)
What if I find a lower quote?
We get it. It's tough out there. With a recession bearing down we're all trying to save where we can and of course it makes sense to look for the best possible price for your move.

So for starters, yes! If you receive a lower quote please forward via email and we'll see if we can match or beat it! 

Couple other factors though..

1) The lowest price is not necessarily the best price. Be sure to check and see what's included and if there isn't a higher likelihood for additional charges after the base quote. Stairs? Extra trips? Additional time? Those variables can affect the quote for any moving company but we go the extra mile to factor in as much as possible to ensure the accuracy of our quote.

2) Check reviews! Especially on Yelp, whose incomprehensible algorithm is the trickiest to boost and where reviews are most credible.

3) Not all companies operate with the same degree of integrity. I won't speak out of school here, just to say that the back-end of the moving industry can be more unseemly than most people are aware and it's important to consider where we spend our money and what practices we support in doing so. Smaller companies tend to operate more as a family unit, which provides the highest level of service for the customer and benefits the city as a whole. Okay, that's my piece! All that said, yes, if you get a lower quote please do send our way and if we can match it and handle your move we'd love the opportunity!