• Your flat rate quote is based on the detailed description of your move. In order to ensure accuracy please double check your inventory list, flights of stairs, availability of elevators, and that any items which require special handling (antique, marble/glass, etc.) or complex disassembly (storage bed frame, large armoire, etc.) are accounted for in the quote. The vast majority of our jobs pay the quoted price or are completely satisfied with any on site adjustments.
• All boxes should be packed and sealed and all furniture completely emptied prior to our movers arrival. Please ensure not to over-pack boxes or put heavy items in large boxes.
• If there are additional items to move beyond what is listed in the inventory we can adjust on site at the rate of $1.00-$1.50 per cubic foot; generally $5 per medium box or equivalent. This is the same rate as if these items were listed in our form in advance. We can make additions and substitutions on the day of the move, at the crew's discretion, but we're not able to give discounts for items not being moved as we've already reserved space in our schedule based on the expected move size.
• If items require complex disassembly we will charge our standard hourly rate for additional time required. If you’d like to handle these items yourself please do so prior to our movers arrival. Our hourly rate is $100/hr for 2 movers during off-peak and $125/hr during peak period, plus $50/hr per additional mover. Peak period is between the 25th and 5th of every month.
• Parking meters required to go to or from your location will be added to the job total. Gas and tolls are included in the quote unless otherwise noted.


• For job totals under $500 we can accept credit card (+3.5% service fee) or cash for payment. For job totals over $500 we require credit card or Venmo. If using Venmo please do not "Turn on for purchases." Use code 4115 if requested.
• If you are completely satisfied with your move 10-25% gratuity for the crew is greatly appreciated, at your discretion of course! This can be calculated on the job total and given directly to the crew lead on job completion.
• Deposits are refundable with 72 hrs notice, except during peak period during which we require 10 days notice to refund a deposit.


• We are extremely careful with our customers’ belongings and the vast majority of our jobs go off without a hitch, but in the event of damage we will cover the cost for repair or replacement up to our liability coverage limit. By default, as required by the Department of Transportation, basic coverage of $0.60 cents per pound per item is included in the quote at no additional charge. If you would like to additionally insure your high value items please contact movinginsurance.com and select the level of liability & deductible coverage you require. Additional coverage must be purchased at least 48 hours in advance and additional handling fees may apply.
• We cannot accept responsibility for damage to particle board items, plants, or damage caused by furniture that will not fit through a narrow space without full disassembly.
• We are not able to pack or move jewelry or cash. Please secure all high value items prior to your moving day. We can’t accept responsibility for items left behind at the pick up location or misplaced after the move. Please do a walk through before leaving the pick up location and after completing the move to confirm all items are accounted for and in good condition.


• If there is not available parking near a building entrance and we have to move items over 100 ft from our truck to their destination there will be a long push charge of $50 per 100 ft additional distance per 300 cubic ft of inventory. This is a rare occurrence but is standard among flat rate moving companies to account for the additional time required for the move. A long push may also be required if there is a service or interior route over 100 ft long in a building. For reference, 100 ft is equivalent to approximately 40 steps. If there are additional flights of stairs that weren't accounted for we will add $30 per flight per 300 cubic ft of inventory.
• If we are delayed from completing a job while on site we will charge our standard hourly rate for wait time required. If we are unable to unload a job at the destination and have to store items overnight on the truck or deliver to a separate location for storage additional charges would apply.
• If our crew observes any hazardous conditions on a job site, such as pests, mold, or unsafe construction, we reserve the right to not complete the job. Please notify us of any such conditions in advance so we can determine how best to proceed.
• If weather conditions are hazardous and city agencies have closed public schools or transportation, we reserve the right to reschedule a move to our earliest available date.
• In general, the more prepared our customers are in advance the better we can anticipate and avoid obstacles on the day of your move. We take great pride in our reputation as honest, hard working movers, and aim to complete every move as efficiently and safely as possible. So far so good! Over 12,000 successful moves and counting. ;)


• Please follow the link below for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association on your rights and responsibilities


Email us at hello@solidaritymoving.com, or give us a call at 646-598-6683